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QNH not displaying/updating
What are the requirements for vStrips to show QNH?

From time to time I experience that vStrips won't load the QNH value. And the field is left blank.

Is there a max/min value for valid QNH? Right now I'm at ENVA vith QNH 1021 and vStrips is blank.

When hovering over the field, the metar is not shown either.

As mentioned above this happens from time to time on different airports, and I'm not able to replicate the error with intent.

Have tried to restart both ES and vstrips, and also reinitiating the plugin.
Hi bsmavollan,

This is unfortunately a problem with the server that we get the information from, it is unfortunately beyond our control.

We are trying to work out a way to sort this out for the rare occurrences were the above happens.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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