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Assigning Squawk codes

Loving vStrips, and I'm almost rid of the ES lists.

Would it be possible to assign squawk codes within the software's clearence or local edit function?

One of few things left that I neeed to do with the ES list is to click and "auto assign" a squawk based on the range in the sector file.

I am thinking something like vStrips reading the setting that gives the Squawk interval in ES general options. And then depending on if "Assign Random Squawk" is selected or not, give a random of sequential code when clicking the SSR field, for instance when SID triggering to Cleared Smile
Hi Bjørn,

It's good to hear that you're making good use of vStrips and enjoying the experience Smile and thanks for another interesting idea !

As you may be aware, the UK uses a plugin (VCA) to automatically assign squawks and I wasn't aware that this wasn't in use everywhere.
I'm going to think about how this might be done through vStrips ... (Unfortunately I don't have easy access to the ES settings).

Hopefully I won't keep you waiting too long.

Hi again

I've tried out the VCA, and it will require some additional work if we are to use it in Norway. Like, we would need to have Craig add all of our squawk ranges to the system for once. This would also be the case for any other VACC who would like to use it. Therefor I think it could be nice with this feature in vStrips.

If it's much work we will of course continue to use the lists in ES Smile

By the way, what settings are you reffering to? Our local settings or general ES settings.

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