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Beta Testers Wanted
Dear All,

vStrips is looking for beta testers to help test our new versions of the program before releases. If you are interested in becoming one of our beta testers and meet the requirements below, take a look at the following page for further information and to apply.

For those that are unfamiliar with vStrips, it is a flight strip bay plug-in designed to provide a realistic system for the management and control of virtual aircraft at an aerodrome, for Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) using the EuroScope Controller Client on the VATSIM Network. vStrips tries to emulate the real-world electronic flight strip system - which replaced the original "paper strip" system - which is used in many UK aerodrome control towers.

Role and Responsibilities
Testing is a vital part of the quality control process when creating a software package. As well as finding and recording faults, you’ll also report on the software's functionality and recommend improvements. Typically you will be responsible for:
•    Test out all functions of the software.
•    Check performance against what the designer intended.
•    Record problems and suggest improvements.
•    Try to work out what's causing problems.
•    Check the software’s accessibility options.
•    Check for spelling mistakes.
•    Check the text on packaging and in instruction manuals.
•    Enter each 'bug report' into a quality management system.

•    Minimum of 100 ATC hours or 75 hours on a particular position.
•    Must use the Euroscope controller client.
•    Willing to spend 5 hours a more for testing purposes whilst connected with an APP/TWR/GND/DEL Callsign*.
•    Must be willing to work / control with others in order to get maximum benefit from the program.
•    Must have good knowledge of, or be able to learn how to efficiently use the program**.
•    Show a genuine interest for the software and its development.

*Controllers rated C1 or higher and would like to test under a CTR callsign then please let us know.
**Training can be provided to increase user’s knowledge of the program.

Skills and Qualities
The following skills are not a requirement however will aid your application:
•    Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
•    Good written and spoken communication skills.
•    Some understanding of quality assurance processes.
•    The ability to work well as part of a team.
•    Good negotiation skills.
•    The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
•    Patience and persistence, for repetitive work.
•    A methodical and disciplined approach.
•    Excellent attention to detail.
•    A willingness to work flexibly.

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