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[SOLVED:] SB6: Running vStrips when connected to Sweatbox
We are aware of issues resulting in vStrips not detecting a position identifier when connected to the Sweatbox Server.

vStrips returns an error stating that "Euroscope needs to be started with the vStripsESP Plugin"

We are working on a work around solution as we speak and are also working on fixing the problem.

Once a temporary solution has been found we will update this thread.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

[UPDATE 23:25 - 31/10:] The issue is only related to users who are running Sweatbox sessions for students. Unfortunately this means we are unable to supply a workaround, we aim to have an update out to Beta Testers within the new few days, where they will have up to 2 weeks to test the update before it is released to the public.

[UPDATE 20:15 - 22/01] The fix is incorporated in V1.13, available now.

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